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The Wraparound Support
Educators Need

From before school to after school and everything in between, Elevo 360 provides educators with comprehensive, wraparound support. With years of experience recruiting staff, we hire and train talent to help fill the gaps where you need it most. From tailored PLC grade-level release options to recruiting instructional aides and paraeducators, there’s no need to worry about substitute teachers or lesson plans. We’ve got you covered!


An alternative way to provide a structured schedule for teachers to engage in PLC/PD time throughout the year. 


Collaborate with us to ensure our coaches have the requisite training and qualifications to fill various staffing gaps that your District is facing.

PLC Grade-Level Release

Teachers get to hand over their class to our coaches who have ready-made lesson plans to engage students in SEL-infused activities and games. The structure for a typical PLC Support program has the following format:
  • Elevo maps out a schedule for participating schools to ensure all teachers have access
  • Grades are release on an hourly rotation throughout the day
  • 3-4 coaches to oversee a grade level per hour
  • Program can be customized to focus on specific students & grade levels
  • Students engage in SEL-infused physical activities and games
  • Students practice daily mindfulness & growth mindset exercises
  • All equipment is provided by our coaches
  • A 3-hour minimum per day is required

Instructional Aides/ Paraeducator Support

Elevo coaches can serve as instructional aides, as paraeducators or even to support the special education needs of a school. The structure for a typical ‘Coach 360’ program has the following format:
  • Elevo collaborates with the District to find out the kind of support that is needed
  • Elevo’s talent recruitment team targets individuals with the agreed upon qualifications and experience requested by the District
  • Daily schedules and activities are agreed upon at select schools
  • Elevo coaches provide 1 on 1 support to students inside the classroom
  • All equipment is provided by our coaches
  • A 3-hour minimum per day is required

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