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San Jose After-School Program

San Jose Programa Extraescolar

About Elevo


Elevo’s mission is to transform the well-being of students so they look forward to coming to school. We work hand-in-hand with schools to nurture our next generation with a full range of programs. Our WASC-accredited curriculum is designed to promote emotional intelligence through physical well-being and enrichment activities. Our programs provide opportunities to learn, move, and thrive together beyond classroom walls. Through the support and training of our staff, our coaches can confidently lead children in fun and engaging activities that are designed to create opportunities for learning while developing essential life skills.

Elevate is our full-service Expanded Learning Opportunity Program (ELO-P) for after school, before school, and intersession. We offer a diverse, flexible curriculum that helps students discover new talents, skills, and interests. The Elevate program offers a wide range of enrichment activities and homework help, along with physical activity and sports options to engage all students who attend. 

The structure for a typical Elevate program has the following format:

  • Homework help: Providing dedicated academic support in an encouraging environment.
  • Enrichment activities: STEAM; Humanities; Dance; Music.
  • Sports, physical activities, games: includes a focus on Basketball, Soccer, and Flag Football.

Program Details


The San Jose Unified School District will be offering free after-school enrichment activities for students with the help of Elevo for the 2023-2024 school year. Elevo’s program is aligned with the ELO-P requirements. Free meals will be included, alongside the offerings below:

El Distrito Escolar Unificado de  San Jose ofrecerá actividades de enriquecimiento gratuitas después de escuela para los estudiantes con la ayuda de Elevo para el año escolar 2023-2024. El programa de Elevo está alineado con los requisitos de ELO-P. Se incluirán comida gratis, junto con las siguientes ofertas:


Homework Help
Ayuda con las tareas

Enrichment Activities
Actividades de Enriquecimiento

Ciencia, tecnología, ingeniería, matemáticas, arte


  • Los Alamitos Elementary School
  • Booksin Elementary School
  • Williams Elementary School
  • Reed Elementary School
  • John Muir Elementary School
  • Castillero Elementary School
  • Bret Harte Middle School



  • Starts: August 10, 2023
  • Ends: May 31, 2024



FREE (space is limited)


For More Information

For questions or assistance, please contact SJUSD:  

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