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Give back to your local community!

A friend, colleague or family member you know could be the next coach at Elevo! Pick up the perfect side hustle that lets you earn $100 per successful referral*, all while supporting your local community. A win-win-win.


Who you are

  • Knows individuals who would make great coaches.
  • Is a member of a local community to spread the word.
  • Is connected on social media to help raise awareness.

How it works

  • Join our Referral Program to submit and track referrals.
  • Receive $100 per coach you successfully refer to us.*
  • 10 referrals = additional $250!
Referral How to Video Image

What we're all about

We stand for whole-child wellness. At Elevo, we engage kids in social + emotional learning through physical activity. Coaches lead groups of elementary and middle school kids in activities and games on the field to help them become more active, learn how to manage their emotions, and have fun!


Who our coaches are

 Elevo coaches are positive role models that have a passion for working with kids and giving back to their local community. Coaches are energetic, engaging, fun, and are looking to make a difference. Our coaches are aged 18 years and up, and care about leaving an impact—they are the world changers!

How to get this thing going

  • Sign up for our referral program here.
  • Refer a friend to us through the dashboard (you’ll get a link in your inbox).
  • Receive $100 per successful referral.*

*$50 paid out after 4 weeks and $50 after 12 weeks. The coach referred must be hired and be working with us at the 4 and 12 week points or have fully completed their program.